Supply of running water to Taghzlilite women

Since 2013, Argane Aouzac, in partnership with the Tazghlilite association for development, pays the water consumption bills of the crushers in the village of Taghzlilite to prevent them from fetching water at the well, Physical and difficult exercice.

Donation of shell and argan pulp to crushers

When women crush the fruit of argan, they extract the kernel which will be used to produce argan oil. There remains after crushing the pulp and shells. We give them the pulp to feed their animals, and the shell which is a very good propellant, allowing them to avoid cutting the argan trees to heat themselves, thus helping to preserve the argan forest.

Installation of solar panel for the factory

Argane Aouzac is very concerned with the protection of the environment and renewable energies. In 2013, we invested in the acquisition of nine solar panels and of the corresponding battery system to supply electricity to our factory.

Literacy class for women in the village of Aït Goh

In 2017, Argane financed on it development fund all the necessary equipment for the opening of a literacy class for women in the village of a goh (blackboard, tables and chairs). The company also remunerates one of the girls of the village for the courses.

Train women in rugs weaving

In collaboration with the association Tazghlilite for the development, Argane aouzac financed on its development fund the equipment of the female home in weaving material and remunerates the trainer. This allows women to acquire new skills and an economic activity complementary to the crushing of argan.

Distribution of warm clothing

In the anti-atlas mountains, especially in Tazghlilite (1200 meters of alt.) winter can be very cold. Each year, we organized a distribution of warm clothing for children and women. We financed a part of the operation with our developement funds. Since 2014, we have the support of a NGO that collect clothes in Europe and transport them to Morocco. More than 200 children and women benefited from this action.

Repairing of the Tazghlilite-Arg road

After the heavy floods of November 2014, the village of Arg, whose only access road passes through Tazghlilite, was landlocked. In emergency, Argane aouzac mobilized its development fund to finance the repair of the road and allow access to the village of Arg.

Distribution of ewe to women

Each year since 2011, Argane Aouzac spends part of its development fund for a buying action of ewe which are given out to women of villages. That allow women to have their own ewe : they can have them breed to have sheep for following years, and that allow them to have milk for children and some wool for weaving rugs.